The essence of nature, or sculpture for interiors, is a continuation of the “The Gardens of the World” collection of golden paintings, as well as Modern Abstract paintings, using high-carat gold flakes. Golden flakes, stone, and wood create a symphony of nature for elegant interiors. The meeting of sculpture with abstraction represents the fusion of artistic expression. Above all, sculpture combined with gold adds brilliance and sophistication to the interior. When designing a sculpture, my goal is to highlight its natural qualities, the essence of beauty.

The leading interior trend is minimalism in sculpture, combining gold with white, green, earthy tones, as well as shades of blue. Black is also impressive as a subtle accent. It is worth emphasizing it with elegant and shiny accessories, brightening up your space.

I create sculptures in unique moments of inspiration, as an outlet for emotions and imagination. I mainly create Abstract sculptures. I first transfer ideas onto paper, and the final result is the outcome of experimentation. I work with wood, stone, glass, natural resin and clay.


Sculpture for Interiors, Natural or with a Golden Accent