Adriana Plucha


 I’m a Master of Arts, a Polish contemporary artist and a clothing and footwear fashion designer.

My adventure with art started out in my childhood. It was because of my father, Jerzy Plucha, and his being a painter and a conservator of works of art. My dream was to study at the Academy of Art in Łódź. I graduated from it with a Master of Arts in 2010 at the Faculty of Textile Art and Fashion Design, majoring in Clothing Designing, also Footwear Designing, and in Painting. My vast experience led me to interest in sculpting as well, so apart from design fashion and painting, it was one of my favorite studios. Until recently I have been creating copies of works of masters of world painting, and also sacral paintings, acts, portraits and flowers.


In 2014, I participated in the 4th International Quadro Art Biennale in Łódź.

During the same year, I created the “Golden Bark” statuette as the Grand Prix award for the Photographer of the Year in the Mazovian District ZPFP.

I then developed the technique of applying gold leaf and silver in the field of gilding and art conservation, and I also learned the secrets of ancient egg tempera.

In 2015, I created the first painting from the painting and sculpture collection titled “Gardens of the World”.

I primarily use the natural technique of egg tempera, whose pigments come from natural rocks. Tempera is based on a manually prepared egg binder and is considered one of the oldest painting techniques. I also use high-carat gold (23.75 ct), silver, and gold powder.

The initial part of the collection is inspired by Asia, woodcuts, and Japanese painting.

In 2017, during the 7th 21st Century Art Auction at the Sopot Auction House in Poland, a sales record was set for the painting titled “The Obsidian Sun” from the

“The Gardens of the World” – Asia collection. Gold leaf 23.75 carat, on my technique, 70 x 100 cm, 2016/17. PLN 19,000, with an auction fee of PLN 22,420.

In 2018, the debut and vernissage titled “GARDENS OF THE WORLD” for the painting and sculpture collection took place in Vienna, Austria.





June 2018 – Participation in the 16th Warsaw Art Fair with the “Artinfo” art market web portal, Warsaw / Poland.

24th November 2018 – “The Gardens of the World” collection, which includes both painting and sculpture and was presented at my first Vernissage in Vienna / Austria.

June 2019 – “The Gardens of the World” was presented during the Bentley Elite Cup 2019. at First Warsaw Golf in Rajszew / Poland.

October 2019 – collective exhibition at “Belle Arte” Art Gallery of Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw / Poland.

October 2021 – a pre-auction exhibition, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw / Poland.

October 2021 – Participation in a charity auction, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw / Poland.

09-14th May 2022 – a pre-auction exhibition, Lion’s Club Saint-Mandé in Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Mandé / France.

14th May 2022 – Participation in a charity auction, Lion’s Club Saint-Mandé in Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Mandé / France.

25th March 2023 – Participation in Art and Luxury Fair – Elite Business Club Monaco in Hotel Krasicki, Lidzbark Warmiński / Poland.

25th March 2023 – “Golden Angel” statuette for Participation in a charity auction Elite Business Club Monaco in Hotel Krasicki, Lidzbark Warmiński / Poland.


During creative work:


adriana plucha, polska artystka współczesna, projektantka mody, malarstwo, obrazy nowoczesne na płótnie


Beginning of creating a collection:


artystka, projektantka, adriana plucha, obrazy, malarstwo na płótnie, złoto


“Imagination has no boundaries.
We know not its beginning or end.”

Ignacy Witz


Unique works of art, modern abstract art, golden painting, modern decoration on the wall, silver leaf


obrazy nowoczesne do salonu, złote dodatki do salonu glamour, kwiaty obrazy do sypialni, magnolie


obrazy nowoczesne do salonu glamour, srebrne dodatki do pokoju, dekoracja na ścianę, białe łabędzie na tafli jeziora, biały kwiaty


obrazy glamour do salonu, golden skulpture art natural stone luxury-interior