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Are you dreaming of exceptional decoration for your elegant living room? My works of art created on canvas, using precious metals, are the perfect solution for the most discerning individuals. If you’re looking for unique wall ornaments, artworks with gold will certainly meet your expectations. 



  • Collection Description
  • Symbolism of the Square
  • Golden Accents in Interior Design





  • Collection Description – Technique of applying gold and silver leaf on canvas.


My original modern artworks represent an elegant form of geometric abstraction that fits perfectly into a glamourous living room. The collection of golden canvas artworks was created by me using high-carat gold leaf, silver, and platinum, giving them a unique brilliance and an elegant character. These one-of-a-kind pieces are not only decorative wall art but also reflect my philosophy of seeking meaning and purpose in existence.


Through meditation and proven methods, I achieve a deeper understanding of the world, and my artistic creativity is the result of this process. I mainly use the ancient technique of natural egg tempera, which has a long history dating back to ancient times. In my atelier, I create artworks with gold leaf, silver, and recently, platinum. I sometimes also incorporate powdered mineral gold, such as “star gold,” known for its exceptional durability and luminosity. Moreover, being fascinated by the diversity of textures in the artwork, I use concrete and mortar in my abstract compositions. As a result, I give them a matte finish, creating an intriguing contrast with the brilliance of precious metals. 


Geometric Abstraction


  • Symbolism of the Square


The square, as a geometric shape, represents values such as order, equality, truth, wisdom, and justice. It is also a symbol of the four cardinal points, the four seasons, and the four elements. A square in a plan is a perfect enclosed space symbolizing harmony. Above all, the square is associated with the inner world of humans and the earth, and its presence brings calmness, balance, and concentration of life force. 

Works of Art with Gold for Elegant Living Room


  • The painting with gold and matte accessories that capture attention.


Having a unique work of art that speaks to our emotions and provokes reflection is incredibly valuable. Gold symbolizes prosperity and happiness, while noble metals like silver and platinum emanate a unique energy that enlivens the space, giving it a distinctive character. That is why my own-authored paintings with gold on canvas, as elegant additions to a Glamour salon, will not only enhance your interior but also create a harmonious atmosphere. 








I invite you to my elegant world of art, where modern paintings on canvas are enriched with gold and other noble metals. Inspiring wall decorations serve as perfect golden additions to a Glamour salon, as well as a reflection of my deep thoughts on life and art. If you dream of an unusual decoration for your living room, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of my art and feel it, because maybe the royal metal ruled by the sun, a symbol of power and financial success, will meet your expectations.



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