Fine Arts

zlote obrazy glamour do salonu malarstwo dekoracja salonu plucha golden painting luxury wall decor
Unique Works of Art

My paintings and sculptures are created in single pieces. They are unique. In my atelier, all paintings are created by hand. Until recently I also have been creating copies of works of masters of world painting. Currently my artistic life revolves round creating a collection entitled „The Gardens of the World”. In my paintings I use a technique of natural tempera, based on an egg binder, which is one of the most ancient techniques in painting. I use gold in flakes, 23.75 ct, and silver. I also use mineral gold.


Abstract Art

galeria sztuki warszawa, obrazy na sprzedaż, malarstwo, abstrakcja, obrazy nowoczesne ze złotem, kwadrat
Geometric abstraction

Geometric abstraction is a continuation of “Golden Paintings” which are a record of my long-term search for true answers regarding the meaning and aim of our existence. By means of meditation and reliable, established methods I experience deeper understanding of phenomena occurring in the world. It is a process which makes it possible for an individual to independently rise above barriers restricting us in today’s world.


rzeźba do wnętrz, kamień naturalny osadzony na granicie pokrytym złotem, jako złote dodatki do salonu, golden sculpture luxury art
Wood and Stone

I sculpt in extraordinary moments of inspiration, to let my emotions and imagination flow. I start out with drawing my ideas. The final effect is a result of experimentation. I mainly create Abstract sculptures. I work with wood, stone, glass, natural resin and clay.